Top mobile advertising trends you should know

Mobile advertising has been a prominent trend for businesses of all sizes. With advertisements reaching individuals with a personalized touch on their smartphones, marketers have been successful in branding their products in the digitized age with mobile ad servers. In this article, you will get to know about some of the most popular mobile marketing trends.
Shifting budget from web to mobile advertising Presently, media buyers are typically allocating about two out of three parts of their advertising budgets to digital media. The majority of advertisement takes place on mobile, both in the form of apps and websites. Previously, a significant portion of the online advertisement budget was allocated for desktop ads. However, recent studies reveal that funds allocated for mobile advertisements by most of the companies have increased significantly. The reason is simple, people are more tied to their mobile devices than desktops.

Videos create greater engagement Video marketing mechanisms have changed the mobile marketing scenario significantly. More advertisers and publishers have pushed the inclusion of videos on apps and websites. This attracts consumers more than static still ads. It has been found that people can make better decisions when they watch videos of products. This enhances the overall customer experience significantly.

Increased awareness about privacy In 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was implemented. Since then, awareness about privacy has increased manifold. Therefore, the scale of data that is available without restrictions has dropped significantly in various parts of the world. This has been a matter of concern among advertisers and marketers. However, the good news is that the quality of consented data has improved since then. In the process, marketers can enjoy better targeting. The advertisers will try to make adjustments in their strategies in the coming years while acquiring and using consented data. The privacy of consumers would be one of the key aspects of targeting.

In-app services Marketers always seek strategies and tactics that make the searching and purchasing processes as easy as possible for the buyers. As a part of marketing campaigns, in-app services are becoming more popular as they are convenient. This can generate direct responses from the customers. Particularly, you might have noticed home-delivery services in apps for restaurants. Besides, e-commerce and educational companies are also evolving, and they are coming up with strong marketing tactics with their app-oriented services. These firms, can, therefore, get across to a wider customer base, and at the same time, retain their loyalty.

AI-based algorithms The use of AI-based algorithms in mobile marketing has enhanced the user experience significantly. The effectiveness of an ad campaign depends significantly on the user experience. To ensure pleasant user experience, mobile marketers are using AI algorithms to learn what works and what does not. This, in turn, benefits both the developers and customers. AI tools help to process large volumes of data from users who download the app and how they use the app and respond to mobile ads.

Apart from the trends mentioned here, other mechanisms are also gaining popularity. Marketing in the digitized era is an evolving process, with new ideas penetrating the market continuously. Mobile marketers need to learn, evaluate and implement the latest trends while nurturing their existing clients with care.